The EUROlog community objects

Some objects from the past are concrete witnesses of transformation processes, a mix of influences of both foreign cultures and creative self-impulses. These selected objects are assigned digital labels in the partner museums, which are accessible via antenna and the Eurolog-App on portable Smartphones.

Among the selected objects, there are other comparable objects in which the cultural transformation processes are also recognizable. These are part of the “Eurolog-Community”, even if they are located in other museums. A link indicates the corresponding objects in the community.

  Anhänger   Mithraic Relief Anhänger   Mithraic Relief
  Mumienportrait   Gravestone Anhänger   Gravestone

Altar of a priestess
of the Isis-cult

Anhänger   Votive stone
  Mumienportrait   Military diploma Anhänger   Stone theater seats
  Mumienportrait   Head of a Herma Anhänger   Mummy Portrait
  Mumienportrait   Heart scarab Anhänger   Pendant for a
jewelry chain
  Mumienportrait   Coin pendants Anhänger   Belt buckle and
two metal fittings
  Mumienportrait   Roman Medical Utensils Anhänger   Cult Sword

Little-Master Cup

Anhänger   Roman Cellar
  Mumienportrait   Hanging Marsyas Anhänger   Athlete
  Mumienportrait   Amphora    



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